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2020 Consultation

The recent events concerning the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has spurred significant shifts in the operations of institutions, schools, and faith communities across the country to mitigate effects and prevent exposure. The Daughters of the African Atlantic Fund, as a 501 (c) (3) U.S. based organization with global partners and Diaspora connections, is similarly impacted.

The World Health Organization has classified the coronavirus as a pandemic with confirmed cases in South Africa. With an interest to exercise prudence in our sacred endeavors and care with our constituents, the Board of the Daughters of the African Atlantic Fund has decided to make the following adjustments concerning our upcoming South Africa Consultation:

  1. The 2020 Biennial Consultation for Women in Religion and Theology to be held in Cape Town, South Africa this August 8-14, 2020 has been canceled. Plans for a future gathering in South Africa are currently being reviewed and considered by the Consultation Steering Committee.
  2. Registered Consultation participants will receive full reimbursements for trip deposits.
  3. Consultation presenters will be first considered for the Consultation reboot. Details will be forthcoming.

The Daughters of the African Atlantic Fund is grateful to registrants, presenters, students, professors, directors, board members and friends who supported the 2020 Consultation by submitting a paper proposal, sharing promotional materials, or encouraging new attendees to join the immersion experience.

Planning an international consultation is no easy task and requires months of meetings to prepare and execute. The Daughters of the African Atlantic Fund remain grateful to the 2020 Consultation Steering Committee members who volunteered their time and talents to plan the Consultation. Your labor was not in vain.

Reverend Melanie C. Jones

Board Chair, The Daughters of the African Atlantic Fund

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