Congratulations to Peter Paris!

Highest Bid:

$   850.00

Made by A Stitch in Time Quilters of Dover, Delaware, to support work of The Daughters of the African Atlantic Fund, this lovely 70″x70″ quilt displays 36 labeled adinkra symbols. Originally used for important Akan ceremonies, adinkra symbols became associated with the Asante who enhanced the symbolism, then with West Africa more broadly. Adkinkra symbols convey wisdom, encourage behaviors and dispositions, represent proverbs and sayings, depict history, and more. The quilt is exhibited at the Agricultural Museum of Dover, Delaware, until March 31, 2016. The auction runs until 11:59 pm EST, June 11, 2016, whereupon the quilt will be delivered to the highest bidder.

Label on back of quilt identifies members of A Stitch in Time Quilters. For more about A Stitch in Time Quilters, click here.