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Donations of books still are being received. If you are willing to participate, send books to The Daughters of the African Atlantic at PO Box 43832; Atlanta, GA 30336. Authors, please sign each book you donate.

Current Titles for Womanist Library Auction:

  • Between Sisters: Emancipatory Hope out of Tragic Relationships, Evelyn L. Parker (signed by author)
  • Beyond 40 Acres and Another Pair of Shoes: For Smart Sisters Who Think Too Much and Do Too Little about Their Money, Pamela Ayo Yetunde (signed by author)
  • Black Womanist Ethics, Katie G. Cannon (signed by author)
  • Breaking Barriers: An African American Family and the Methodist Story, Angella Current
  • Can I Get a Witness? Prophetic Religious Voices of African American Women, Marcia Y. Riggs (signed by author)
  • Daughters of Anowa: African Women and Patriarchy, Mercy Amba Oduyoye
  • Deeper Shades of Purple: Womanism in Religion and Society, ed. Stacey Floyd-Thomas (signed by editor)
  • Ethics that Matters: African, Caribbean, and African American Sources, ed. Marcia Y. Riggs and James Samuel Logan (signed by an author)
  • God Help the Child, Toni Morrison
  • The Inheritance: A Stock-Picking Story, Pamela Ayo Yutunde (signed by author)
  • Lugenia Burns Hope: Black Southern Reformer, Jacqueline Anne Rouse
  • Lynched, Angela D. Sims
  • Paradise, Toni Morrison
  • Plenty Good Room: Women versus Male Power in the Black Church, Marcia Y. Riggs (signed by author)
  • Polygyny, Debra Majeed (signed by author)
  • Religion and Gender-Based Violence: West African Perspectives, ed. Rose Mary Amenga-Eego and Mercy Amba Oduyoye
  • The Sacred Lives of Adolescent Girls, Evelyn L. Parker (signed by author)
  • Sisters in Spirit: Christianity, Affect, and Community Building in East Africa, 1860-1970, Andreana C. Prichard
  • Teaching Preaching, Katie Geneva Cannon (signed by author)
  • Those Preaching Women, ed. Ella Pearson Mitchell and Valerie Bridgeman Davis, Foreword by Katie G. Cannon
  • Toward a Womanist Ethic of Incarnation, Eboni Marshall Turman (2 copies) (signed by author)
  • Unraveling and Reweaving Sacred Canon in Africana Womanhood, ed. Rosetta E. Ross and Rose Mary Amenga-Etego (signed by editor)
  • Vigil: Spiritual Reflections on Your Money and Sanity, Pamela Ayo Yuteunde (signed by author)
  • Witnessing and Testifying, Rosetta E. Ross (signed by author)
  • Womanist Theological Ethics: A Reader, ed. Katie G. Cannon, Emilie M. Townes, Angela D. Sims (2 copies) (one signed by an editor)
  • Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Trailblazers and Torchbearers, 1941-1965, ed. Vicki L. Crawford, Jacqueline Anne Rouse, and Barbara Woods



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The Daughters of the African Atlantic Fund is a U.S. 501c3 organization
PO Box 43832 | Atlanta, GA 30336, USA