2014 Consultation


Jul 11 - 15 2016


All Day


Talitha Qumi Center
Legon, Ghana

2014 Consultation & Conference

Texts of Terror, Texts of Empowerment:
Reimagining Sacred Canon in Africana Womanhood

Talitha Qumi Center, Legon, Ghana – July 6-14, 2014

The second Consultation of African and African Diasporan Women in Religion and Theology was held July 6-14, 2014, at the Talitha Qumi Center, Legon, Ghana. Women of diverse ages and religious faiths from Africa and the United States participated in an invigorating time of learning, sharing, engagement, and reflection on the theme Texts of Terror, Texts of Empowerment: Re-imagining Sacred Canon in Africana Womanhood. In addition to thought-provoking presentations and discussion of ways sacred texts intersect with violence against African-descended women and girls, special events included a trip to the infamous El Mina castle of enslavement.

Documents, Media & Publications

2014 Consultation Program Book
Article on Consultation in SACRED CONVERSATIONS

by Melanie C. Jones
Ghana, 2014

2014 Consultation Statement
unraveling and reweaving sacred canon in africana womanhood book cover
Unraveling and Reweaving Sacred Canon in Africana Womanhood

This book contains essays from the 2014 Consultation and is available on Amazon.

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