Sharon Watson Fluker, Angela Sims, & Angelique Walker-Smith at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference

Daughters Attending the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference February 19-22, 2024

For 21 Years the Proctor Conference has been an instrument of sacred space and a place that inspires, informs, and ignites God’s people of African descent. This prophetic and pastoral Sankofa spirit invites the blessings and learnings of the future and the past. This invitation was felt by the Daughters present and has blessed us for the journey to do the Daughters’ work going forward.
Planned and impromptu conversations provided moments to reaffirm the Daughters’ commitment to collaboration on behalf of girls and women across the Diaspora.
Seeing several Directors at the 2024 Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference in Chicago, including Dr. Melanie Jones-Quarles (not shown in the photo) was amazing! This year, I was particularly inspired by working as a co-dean with the Seminarians —representing several institutions— attending the conference. The intergenerational dialogue gave me hope and encouragement and affirms the work of The Daughters as we imagine the partnerships that are possible across the Diaspora.

Pictured from left to right: Sharon Watson Fluker, Angela Sims, & Angelique Walker-Smith

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